Look Book: Faux Fur

Title Faux Fur

If there has been one item of clothing that has been on my radar this season, it has been faux fur jackets! I have been sporting a faux-fur trench-coat for the past Winter, but I needed to switch it up. I have been trying to branch out from my all-black ensembles and even though I am still representing a lot of black, it is a step in the right direction.


I was lucky enough that the weather this past weekend reached the 50s to try out this outfit. That is one of the pros/cons of living in Michigan which is its indefinite change in weather during the transitioning of seasons.



Hat: Target

Necklace: Unknown

Jacket: Forever21

Black VNeck: Forever21

Bracelet: H&M

Watch: Hand-me-down

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Best Of Grand Rapids: ArtPrize 2014

Art Prize 1

In the early Autumn, Grand Rapids undergoes the annual art competition of ArtPrize. Since it’s foundation in 2009, the competition has grown into the largest competition between artists around the globe.  I have come to find something new in Grand Rapids every year I get downtown to explore the submissions. After exploring, the citizens of Grand Rapids have the opportunity to vote on their favorite pieces thus deciding the winner. Here is a sum of my 2014 exploration of ArtPrize.


After I ended my classes on Thursday, I had to stop by my favorite cafe downtown which is MadCap. With the temperatures quickly dropping Michigan, I needed something warm for my walk.


After sipping on my coffee, I made my way down to the Grand River where I found a piece that I was completely enamored with without even analyzing what the artist was going for in this piece.


After crossing the Grand, I made my way weaving between the two museums across the river. The best part of ArtPrize as an artist is being able to appreciate other mediums that are not your specialty.


Now is the time.


This was probably one of my favorite pieces throughout the competition. I think the beauty of the competition is that all of these marvelous pieces dress the city for the course of the three week competition.


Yes, art is the primary focus of ArtPrize, but lets not forget about all of the food venues that pop up around the city throughout the competition! I was so pleased to find Electric Cadillac’s food truck outside The B.O.B. They make awesome sandwiches.


After a long afternoon of walking and exploring. I finished my searching at the UICA, my favorite art venue in Grand Rapids. It’s contemporary installations are the best part. Even a whole graphic animated show on the third floor which was amazing!

There is a lot that I have to be proud about being born and raised in Grand Rapids, but of course this takes the cake. I am glad to have a competition revolved around the field of my greatest interest that I can find something new each time I venture down to explore the city. I encourage everyone to take the time and find something new in their hometown and be proud of your roots. Have a good one! xo

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Ten Link Tuesday: 10.7.14

1. The crew over at IkeaHackers know how to make multiple uses out of Ikea furniture!

2. Creative Mornings had their first Summit this past weekend!

3. Here’s a fun and colorful way to stay creative! I might crack out my crayola pack this week.

4. Gender discrimination hurts men too.

5. Here is a peek into Carrie Forde’s rebranding process. Great if you’re rebranding yourself.

6. It’s not too late to join Gala’s #Lovetober Instagram Challenge!

7. Speaking of Instagram challenges, here’s some tips to spruce up your pics!

8. 30 things to write about when you’re feeling uninspired.

9. I’m currently obsessed with Vogue’s 73 Questions With… Especially Reese Witherspoon’s!

10. Why is usefulness the key to blogging rather then content.


Lot’s more links here

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Student Center #2: 5 Lessons From A Month In Design School

Design school is much more then I could have ever imagined. Throughout the duration of my senior year of high school, I was beyond anxious to start taking classes devoted to my prospected field of work. Now, being a month in I feel sure that I am in the right career path. For it only being a month since classes have began, I have already picked up so much. The fundamentals to a creatively based career are so important because you build on them from here, so here is what I have picked up!

1. Presentation Matters

When it comes to school assignments in design school, it may seem a little less motivating to put your all into your presentation. You probably would think “What’s the point of having a nice presentation when it’s just for school?” That actually may not always be the case. You could very likely use the pieces you create in school for portfolios whether it is for work or other schools. Always be conscious on the craft of your presentation.

2. Critiques Really Do Help

I think as art students, it may be a little daunting to experience your first college level critique. It is a scary thing to put your work up in front of your classmates as they judge it and then comment on it. It’s okay, because it is only to better your work. I actually think being able to see other works from my classmates and have an open discussion about the pieces make yourself become more openminded to the possibilities of your work as well as what you need to improve on.

3. Analyzing Art Is A Real Thing

This may seem a little offensive but before attending a design program, I was not a firm believer in the meaning behind art. I didn’t believe you could actually think the way a brush stroke on a painting is constructed could have actually had a specific purpose but it does! Analyzing art is not even so much about matching what the artist was trying to convey in their piece rather then opening up your mind to read something visually in depth so your work serves purpose.

4. Deadlines Are Beyond Important

Cramming for college assignments is never the most logical or efficient use of your time in school, yet we all have done it. Here is the honest truth; it may be somewhat doable for traditional classes, but not for art assignments. If you try to crack out a design assignment the night before it is due, you will not at all reach the potential you could have in a well thought out piece. Work on your pieces a little bit of time each night before it is due before you are scrambling to finish a still life the weekend before the due dates. Professors usually give the deadlines to large assignments with much time in advance so you should be able to schedule your work time out without feeling overwhelmed.

5. Do Every Assignment Like You’re Paid To Do It

This practice will train you for the real world industry of design. It is very easy to get caught up thinking the practicality of your school work just being an exercise for the real world, but the more effort you put into your work now, the less it will feel like work by the time you are done with school. Pretend you are working for a big hustle-and-bustle studio and that every assignment holds the same threshold as your dream clients. It makes the work a lot more fun if you take it seriously!

I feel like I am understanding the industry I am approaching more and more every class that I attend. It is a very exciting time in my life to be learning about things that I am passionate about. Being in a field that you are passionate about makes the work feel much more like fun instead of something that will pay the bills. I cannot wait to share with you what I learn in the next coming months, I feel an internal overload of information and the overdose feels incredibly great. Have a good one folks!

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Ten Link Tuesday: 9.30.14

1. Is life feeling dry, uninspiring? Here’s 10 little steps to believing in Magic!

2. The gratitude in thank-you notes could go a long way. Here’s why!

3. Here are 10 things to know about Scotland’s vote for independence.

4. Love makeup and movies? Here are 9 iconic lipstick moments in film!

5. This resume is sweet, literally!

6. Stop waiting to be picked; choose yourself!

7. Want some kick-ass Instagram pics? Follow these tips!

8. I am loving my fellow Blogcadette, Tamara’s blog!

9. I am always finding new Zine’s to read. Here’s a good one!

10. I’ve also been getting a kick out of The Coven. Zine obsessed!


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Latest Obsession: Extravagant Small Spaces!

In the last few days I have come across a collection of videos by SpacesTV on Youtube. This specific segment called “Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces” which features New Yorker apartments that are well… incredibly small! I remember at a young age that I pictured myself owning a large house in the nicer suburbs of Grand Rapids, and come 2014, I am incredibly intrigued with the idea of living in a smaller space. I picked out five of my favorites from this playlist that serve as the ultimate inspiration for adapting to a smaller living space.

The Half Bed-Room

This half-bedroom in Brooklyn, owned by interior decorator Jen Chu, is a real treasure. This room serves as a bedroom and home office. This room takes a more literal sense of the word BEDroom. She makes use of every little nook and cranny of this 78 square foot bedroom. I love the shelves to keep the room decorated to her personal interests.

The Un-Luxury Graffiti Apartment

This Lower Eastside apartment is not cookie cutter and Brett David wants to make that known. I don’t know how crazy I am about the lack of a bathroom door, but his design aesthetic really kills it! I also love the use of melted candles to give a stylishly worn effect.

The Studio With Outdoor Space

I am beyond envious of this 330 square foot apartment in the Upper Westside. It is very unusual to have outdoor space in a studio throughout Manhattan so Michelle Konar, the owner considers herself very lucky. What I have noticed through these videos is that the owners of these small spaces still have made it able to have people over and being able to entertain in a small space.

An Office In An Alley

Vanessa Deleon’s interior design studio in New Jersey is completely chic! The studio itself actually used to be an alley, hence the address having a half number in it. Totally cool! Even though the place gets packed, the entire space is completely functional.

Elegance In 200 Square Feet

This store owner in Brooklyn makes use of her furniture to serve multiple purposes. A couch may also be a place of sleep at night which leaves an opportunity for her to entertain with not a problem at all, and in 200 square feet, thats amazing!

If you are just as in love with small spaces now as I am, you can check out this playlist for plenty more small spaces videos. I am really thinking about my own belongings now and what I would probably be better off without. Three cheers for minimalism! Have a good one!

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