Ten Link Tuesday: 9.8.15

1. Ready to work from home? Here’s what you should know ahead of time.

2. The future of blogging – here are the 2016 blogging predictions.

3. Could you live in a decked out shipping container? Read this.

4. Cheers to 8 years, Shauna! It feels like yesterday I was opening up to Cheers to 5 years!

5. Here are some tips for organizing your first apartment.

6. Xandra always wants to make me go out and climb things.

7. Getting married? Here are some Oh-so-NOT boring(and affordable!) wedding rings.

8. Here is a punk-rock approach to living the life of your dreams!

9. Apple has a new iPhone to be released this month! Guess who is in need of an upgrade.

10. Hey, Tamara. Let’s go to one of these next time I’m in Chitown.

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Uprooting and What I Have Learned From Moving

The month of September of 2015 can easily be described as a month of many firsts for myself. First move, first time living outside of Grand Rapids, and first days at a new school. You get the picture. I have been presented with an entirely new setting which has been incredibly overwhelming with complete excite and obstacles being on my own for the first time. That being said, I have recently acquired an entire array of new skills to develop when it comes to packing up everything and setting it back down in a new city.

This is what I have learned from moving:


Minimize The Things You Actually Need and Want

The things that I had in my living space prior to moving was accumulated all the way from childhood. My room was full of little momentos that I thought I couldn’t live without, which I still adore, but are not necessary to take to the grave. Ultimately, I have learned to purge. This means releasing the things that provide mental clutter into my life and starting things on a clean slate. My room is rather cozy.


Devise A Workspace

I think its very important no matter the size of your living space to have a distinct place that you can work. Whether it is school work, freelance work, or even just a place to write in your journal, a place that you can just work. I know for me, as a student that I cannot study while laying in bed, or on a couch. I need an open desk for me to work at.


Its all very exciting to experience your first move. Its overwhelming joy to start decorating things exactly how you want, bringing boxes up stairs to unpack and celebrate that you are starting a life of independence. That being said, once all is unpacked and you’re settled in a completely unfamiliar territory, you realize “well shit, now what?”. I have found that whether it is in your job or social gatherings, it is important to get out there immediately instead of being cacooned in your new home. I was surprised even visiting a public place and watching other people interract made me feel somewhat less of a monk after the first couple days of moving in.

Start Good Habits

Here you are, in a new place with no rules and complete control of a home. That being said, its up to you to make good habits for yourself starting out in a new space. This means doing your dishes regularly, taking out the trash when its full, and doing laundry instead of letting it pile up on the floor. As boring as it sounds, you still have to be this weird thing called an adult or something.


For those out there with severe anxiety, you are going to be thrown an incredible amount of curveballs when it comes to moving. There will be plenty of times where you want to throw your hands up in the air and yell “uncle”, but its going to be okay. Make todo lists and tackle everything you have to do one day at a time. I was a nervous wreck the first couple of days moving in and taking care of logistics, but once I took care of them, I relaxed and felt fine. I recommend doing the same.

With that, I hope you guys found some solace in moving for the first time. As stressful as it is, don’t rob yourself of all the fun and freedom you have being on your own for the first time. For my readers still in school, have a wonderful start to your school year. Lets make it the best one yet!

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Camera Woes

Camera Woes-01

Welp… when it comes to blogging, a blogger’s worst fear is that either A.) their internet goes down, or B.) their camera breaks. I fall victim to option “B” at the moment. I’ve been happily collaborating with my Canon EOS Rebel T3 since 2011, and I have been very pleased. In a turn of recent events it looks like it has to go to Canon’s Repair Services for a light surgery. I will hoping for a quick and safe recovery! With that, posting will be limited on photos until further notice! Please bare until all is resolved and thanks in advance!

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Ten Link Tuesday: 7.14.15


1. Already a decade into design, Shauna shares ten lessons in ten years of graphic design.

2. Here are the top 10 reasons to dye your hair a crazy color!

3. Don’t turn on the television! 5 ways to take your evenings back!

4. Need a day in during your Summer? Watch 21 of these great Summertime films.

5. These DIY hand-drawn tank tops are awesome!

6. An unexpected piece of advice that will help you grow your blog.

7. I want to throw multiple Summer parties full of food from Coco Cake Land!

8. If you are looking to get healthy this Summer, Downtownn on Tumblr is an incredible resource.

9. ENDECeramics on Etsy… this store has been my latest obsession.

10. This woman is complete goals for when I grow up… just check it out.

Photo Credit: MotherDora

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Candles By Enchantments NYC


Here’s a story for you. In my last trek to Pennsylvania to visit my sister, I planned a spur-of-the-moment-trip to New York which is a convenient drive and hop on a train away from where I was staying. I literally decided the night before departing that I’d be going to the city and I needed to have some sort of idea of what do to when I got into town. I know it would not be difficult to find stimulation in New York(obviously), but I wanted to something more than shop in Times Square and visit Central Park. So, of course, I reached out to my blogging pals on The Blogcademy forum who were New York frequents and asked for some good places to see.

Long story, short: Gala gave me a list of places to visit, one sticking out to me, Enchantments Inc. NYC. She described it as “dark, the floor is uneven and covered in glitter, and cats roam freely.” Of course I had to visit, and I was not disappointed!

Gala was spot on when describing the small shop located East 9th between 1st Avenue and Avenue A. I felt like I walked into a secret coven in the middle of Manhattan! I just began to fish through the shelves of books and smell the candles until I found the right one.

I went home with two beautiful candles that day. I bought one that is supposed to bring in success and happiness, while the skull candle is solely for decoration, but I love both of them! I had not been much of a candle person in the past, but I learning to prefer them over a light bulb while I work in the evening hours.


A calling out to blogger friends had led me to a great buy. I have been trying to find more small, independent shops in Grand Rapids to take advantage of to find equally as valuable treasures, as this one I found in New York. With that, have a wonderful weekend, readers!

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Mackinac 2015


Oh Mackinac… you are one of Michigan’s most valuable treasures. The Straits of Mackinac is the narrow strip of water that separates Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas. I have come to be quite familiar with the region because it has been an annual family vacation destination for much of my childhood. Before this trip, I had not visited Mackinac in two years. When I had the opportunity to visit to pick up a friend from school in the Upper Peninsula, I was not going to pass it up!


Of course we had to visit Mackinac Island, which is only accessible by ferry. We had a bit of time on our hands to shop while we waited for the next boat to reach the Mackinaw City harbor.


I found this nautical wall decor very cool! Not my preferred style, but I’ll take it!


What makes Mackinac Island so cool is that there are no cars on the island. If you plan on traveling long distances on the island, you might as well bring your bike! If you don’t have a bike, you are not out of luck as there are plenty, and I mean plenty of bike rental shops!


So many people live on the island during the Summer which is where Mackinac reaches its peak tourism. They stay in many communal living centers like the one above.


I spent much of the afternoon revisiting the shops and places along Main Street that I had not seen in what felt like forever. The magic of it all is that everything was left the same way it was in 2013.


If biking is not your thing… ride on horse and carriage!



Once you get away from the business of Main Street, things become quite peaceful and quiet. One of my favorite things to do on the island is just exploring the small neighborhoods and coveting every beautiful lake house around me.


My outfit remained simple for the day’s events. I have learned to pick comfort when the day’s endeavors involve long amounts of walking. I got the tank from H&M and the soccer pants from Adidas.



As the day wound down, it was time to make our way make to the mainland. The lighthouse above always catches my eye when I leave the island and it makes me appreciate Michigan so much. Being a city-bound soul, Mackinac makes me really fall in love with nature.


Before making my way back to Grand Rapids, we stopped at the park that has spectacular views of the bridge. I have only viewed the bridge from St. Ignace which is on the north side of the bridge in the past. This was in Mackinaw City, and it made for a wonderful goodbye to one of my favorite locations in Michigan.

Have a good one, readers.

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