The Philippe Starck Victoria Ghost Chair

Philippe Stark Victoria Ghost Chair

All I can say is what a steal! 

After a long day of classes yesterday, studying for finals, and receiving an “A” on my Art History formal analysis paper, I decided that I deserved a treat. I hadn’t gone thrifting in a while so I just thought I’d stop by my local GoodWill on my drive home from school. The GoodWill near my home just expanded adding a whole section for home and decor. My original intention was to look for something new to add to my wardrobe or maybe something weird to place in my office. Thats when I came across this beautiful chair.

I scored this Philippe Starck Victoria Ghost chair for fifty dollars! Yes, fifty dollars! The chair had nothing but a few fingerprints and the original tag was still attached and everything. It is like brand new. I have always found such an appeal to ghost furniture because of how oddly futuristic it looks. It is now the pinnacle of my office at the moment.

I get asked a lot about how do I find such awesome things while thrifting, and I really do not have a good answer other than that I have just been lucky. I do thrift frequently but I don’t have a formula to find things. I just keep my eyes open in hopes that I’ll find a hidden treasure, and this will sure be one for me.

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Ten Link Tuesday: 4.21.15

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1. Get ready for Summer with this fabulous DIY glitter sunglasses tutorial!

2. Lauren Conrad has posted an excellent guide to networking for girls!

3. We carefully carve out these paths for our life, but is it what we really want?

4. Are you an avid Tumblr user? Here are 90 great Tumblrs for designers!

5. I am completely obsessed with Design Love Fest’s Dress Your Tech column!

6. Here are 25 inspiring examples of ultra minimal web design to get your design fix.

7. These are simply adorable! 35 Amazing Six-Word Love Stories by Buzzfeed.

8. I’m exploring the idea of a new hairstyle to start off Summer fresh. I’m getting a kick out of Mens Hairstyle Trends!

9. If you haven’t heard of Humans of NY, you are completely missing out.

10. Logo Design Love cover’s Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo. Political or not, a logo is a logo..

Lot’s more links here!

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Design Drawer #1: BCBG MAX AZRIA SPRING 2015

DesignDrawer #1: Header

A new feature in which I share with you my accumulated collection of my favorite design!

It is always a happy day when the latest issue of Vogue comes in the mail. It is a completely terrific day when that issue comes with some extra goodies. Upon ripping apart the plastic packaging making sure not to rip the pages, I noticed there was another catalog that came with this issue! One reason that I think I have become such a magazine hoarder is because of all of the beautiful design that can be featured in magazines. I will actually flip through the pages to view the design before even reading the magazine. The BCBG Max Azria Spring 2015 catalog was no exception!


My favorite thing about the content in this catalog is the amount of color-blocking going on. I have been attracted to color-blocking ever since I found out about it when watching The September Issue for the first time. I think that is where my love for fashion and magazine hoarding birthed in the first place.

Thoughts are always appreciated, so let me know what you all think about this new feature! I have built a massive collection of layouts, pamphlets, magazines, etc. full of design inspiration and I thought it would be fun to share that! With that, have a great weekend readers!

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Ten Link Tuesday: 4.14.15

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Minimalist photos

1. The posts from A Patter a Day on Tumblr are simply adorable!

2. Gala Darling says get weird and stop doing what already has been done, love it!

3. Spring is coming! Here is how to make these adorable DIY cement planters!

4. Emily Weiss opens up on her success and tells us that “you don’t get what you don’t ask for.”

5. I may or may have a new obsession with platform sneakers, and YRU’s collection is kick ass!

6. How to find the motivation to do anything, a simple task that can get you back in your groove.

7. I’ve been getting a kick out of Evelina’s Fashion Cafe as well as her Youtube videos!

8. A big congrats to Dani as she begins her adventures in culinary school!

9. Although this may be outdated, I will have to save these photography tips in cold weather.

10. I autonomously want to work with this company solely for their office space.

Lot’s more links here!

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Ten Link Tuesday: 4.7.15

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1. Tamara from Mad Bijou lays out the do’s and don’ts of taking public transportation.

2. BuzzFeed has introduced me to the wonders of senior style Instagrammers!

3. I will literally fly to Spain to have this man tattoo my body.

4. Gala Darling and Ellen Fondiler have launched an eCourse on what it takes to create a magical career!

5. Xandra from HeroineTraining has a great list of movies to inspire productivity!

6. Are we not going to talk about this Lego set that remakes the Golden Girls set!?

7. RookieMag has just released a new “Ask a Grown Man” video featuring Dylan Sprouse!

8. Sia’s new video for “Elastic Heart” is incredibly filmed and done.

9. This Just In: You don’t have to get married, and that’s okay!

10. I am in complete envy of Nicolette Mason’s travel history!

Lot’s more links here!

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Look Book: Green Machine


Springtime in Michigan is a difficult one to describe. Here in Grand Rapids, we probably do not experience the traditional idea of what Spring should look like until early May. Until then, it is a mix between frost and defrost. I came across this beautiful, vibrant green jacket on one of my thrifting endeavors. It was too light to handle a Michigan Winter, but also too heavy for this transitional point of the season. That is why this jacket has made a comfortable compromise between both Winter and Spring!



Jacket: Thrift

Shirt: American Apparel

Necklace: H&M

Sunglasses: H&M

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