My Art Book Collection


As an artist, I have found that with the growth of internet resources for our work, it is also important to have resources in print. My design and art books that I have collected over the years have all come into my life in different ways whether they were gifts, intentional purchases, or just splurging. Regardless, each have influenced my design/art work and I still refer back to the books I have purchased 5+ years ago. Here are some of my favorites, new and old that I have collected over the years.

Designing For Magazines


This book was my most recent purchase. I had recently come across Jan V. White books and found out very quickly his books are quite affordable. By affordable, I mean free PDF downloads on his website. I got the print version on Amazon very cheap as well. This edition was published in the 80’s! Although the book is aged, the information inside is far from outdated. I have learned a lot about editorial design in this book.

The Design Method


The design method covers a lot of the dos and don’ts in design. It teaches you to not buy into artificial myths and means to create work. The writing has a blunt tone in the work that really lays it out clearly. The work is honest and has changed my perspective in my own line of work.

Paris Rendez-vous


Paris Rendez-vous was an impulse purchase when I was visiting the Louvre in Paris last Summer. After exploring the museum for hours, I made my way to the gift shop and began flipping through books that were thankfully captioned in both French and English. For some reason, this book caught my eye. Its just a collection of old photos of couples in Paris over time. If I am feeling like a complete sap, I’ll just flip through the pages and envy the beautiful French couples who were captured falling in love on the streets of Paris.

Hot Shots


I received this book as a Christmas gift a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite art books! It is a small and simple collection of different types of a photos to take. I frequented the pages much more when I did focused photography but I recommend it for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons in the photos they take or just try something different!

Design School


I purchased this gem when in a small educational library on my last visit to New York. The subtitle is exactly what it is. The book features different projects by design students across the world and discusses the inspiration and motivation for each project. It is the perfect book if you want to give yourself a project to up your portfolio work or to challenge yourself with something new in design.

Architecture Now! 3


This is one of my older books. I have actually had a long time adoration for architecture. I fell in love with it ever since I began experimenting with “The Sims” gaming series. Definitively art or design, I feel like this book makes the cut. While I don’t reference it too much, it is full of some great design which will make for a great coffee table book down the road!

Wish List

In Closing

As mentioned above, I believe it is incredibly important to have textile design reference at ease of access. If you are unsure about where to start in purchasing art books, just head to the book store and start flipping through the pages. A lot of my art books have been acquired over time so don’t feel the need to initiate a shopping spree on books, unless you are totally feeling it, then go right ahead! With that, log off and start reading!

Make your week fabulous.

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Summer Solstice Manifesto

Real Simple

The Summertime is widely accepted as a time of leisure and activity for many. We spend Spring rejuvenating our souls from the slow pace of Winter and by the time the Sun is fully out and the heat begins to rise, we dress lighters, get outdoors more, and become more apt to do more. With the turn of the season, the Summer solstice falls right around the midpoint of the year. For me, I have taken the Summer Solstice to step back and measure my accomplishments and reestablish the goals I want to complete for the year.

The turn of the Summer has called for a manifesto. A piece I have written as a reminder to myself and others to constantly fill our bodies and souls with things that will increase our happiness.


Summer is the time to live freely. You are young. You are healthy. It is time to remind yourself to feed your body and soul with healthy and nourishing material. You are feeding your body and soul for the sole purpose of feeling good and treating yourself right. Deadly vices were just as deadly and deceiving as before. Avoid them. The Summertime is about creating new experiences and creating and transforming relationships with yourself and others. Only direct your energy into things that will make you sustain happiness. Happiness has no end goal. Always be aware of how you can mold and shape your happiness. Take walks. Swim more. Explore new places. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Tell yourself its okay to feel sad. Tell yourself you deserve happiness. Reassess your goals and chase them. Do not allow to tell yourself that you have failed. Step back, rejuvenate, and keep going.

Cheers to your Summer.

Photo Credit: Joyce Lee 

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Niagara Falls


Last month, the finale of my Spring getaway took place at the wondrous Niagara Falls, Ontario. Although Michigan borders Ontario, theres something about being across a national border that makes you feel so much farther away from home.


The morning after arriving, my family and I walked the path along the river that leads up to the falls. You pass both the American falls and Horseshoe which both are an incredible sight. You can clearly see I was picking comfort over fashion, but was representing GR!


My eyes were practically glued to the falls. I couldn’t stop looking at the gallons upon gallons of water that would pummel over the edge every second. Waterfalls are just really fascinating, okay!


Yes, Niagara Falls is infamously known as a tourist trap to many, but its skyline makes for beautiful pictures!


This final leg of my Spring getaway made this trip just that more beautiful. It was nice to get away for a week and enjoy some of the beautiful sights that North America has to offer. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great week!

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Ten Link Tuesday: 5.26.15

1. Feeling blue? Here are 10 ways to jolt yourself into happiness.

2. Gala Darling’s book is available preorder! Do it now and you get a free audiobook of it!

3. Practice does make perfect. There are no shortcuts to success Shauna tells.

4. Can I get by stealing an entire room or studio? This space is gorgeous!

5. Get hooked up with the best arsenal of pens to stay productive. Find out here!

6. Nikki Dee from Sunshine & Bravato writes a piece on perfection.

7. Check out these 2767 frames of lovingly hand-drawn rotoscoped footage of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off! Each frame is drawn differently!

8. I am moderately obsessed with this Etsy store currently.

9. Makerbook is a hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives.

10. Get creative this Spring by making your own DIY night stand!

Photo Credit: Julian Berman

Lot’s more links here!

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The Big One Nine: On Turning 19

Final Header-01

When I began to reflect on turning 19, I thought of it as a pretty insignificant year at first. I already am considered an adult by legality, I still can’t drink, and I already can participate in elections. I then realized how surfaced I was in my logic. A growth in age really is insignificant if you think about it in a lot of ways. It also can be very significant. To me, having a birthday in the midst of a year acts as a checkpoint to see how I am doing with the goals I have set for myself in the year. It is also a day to measure how much we have grown since we have leveled up to the next number in age.

After pondering what aging up is for me, I feel like I have become a lot stronger of a person over the last year… Oh what a cliche. I have taken a lot of steps in my spiritual and emotional journey in life. I have made my focus in the past year my future and have already seen benefits. The harder you work, the more flexibility you have to do what you want, and I will always vouch for that. With that reflection, have a great week readers!

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LookBook: Lone Wolf

LookBook: Lone Wolf Header

This past weekend has been enjoying the sunshine in Southeastern Pennsylvania with my sister as she graduated college on Saturday. Go Annmarie! On Saturday, after all of the graduation festivities had taken place, we drove out to Lititz, a small town known for being America’s coolest small town.


This outfit is pretty simple. I got the hat from Target last fall, the shoes from top shop, and the shirt thrifted. The shirt was a random find and I was completely obsessed with it. I liked how tacky it looked and how baggy it felt. It is nice for wearing a black tee in hot weather because with it being oversized, its much more airy walking around in it.



Shirt: Thrifted

Shoes: TopMan

Hat: Target

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