On Paris

Pray For Paris-01

When I received news of the events that occurred the other weekend in Paris, my heart dropped. My heart dropped for the people, families and those who hold Paris as a place deep in their hearts. It took me quite some time to reflect on the events before I could actually get my thoughts down in writing on everything that has happened.

Having gone to Paris during the Summer of 2015 and having walked the same streets where bloodshed took place makes events like this much more real for me personally. I was watching the news to have found out a student from America was amongst one of the fallen during these attacks. My heart sank even more.

My heart is with those who had been affected by the attacks and those who are still feeling ripple effect from these attacks whether directly from the attacks or developed stigma for those who are associated with the attacks.

Have a great holiday week and don’t forget to step back and show gratitude for the things you are currently grateful for.

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Greenhouse Visit


As much as I can whole-heartedly say that fall is my favorite season of the year, I always feel a bit morose when all begins to get colder and we begin to see less vibrant shades of color in our daily life. I am fortunate enough to have found the best little greenhouse on campus while doing some exploring the other week.



The controlled heat of the greenhouse almost made me forget that there was a Michigan tundra in the making. 



Recently, I have been finding the importance to take some time out of my day do something small that makes me feel a little rejuvenated. Growing up being a slave to technology, it is very easy for me to spend an entire work day gazing at a computer screen. I recommend taking the time to unplug and enjoy the small things in your community that can inspire you or just lift your spirits for your day. Make this week the best week yet.

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Ten Link Tuesday: 9.8.15

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Photo Credit:Lot’s more links here!

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Uprooting and What I Have Learned From Moving

The month of September of 2015 can easily be described as a month of many firsts for myself. First move, first time living outside of Grand Rapids, and first days at a new school. You get the picture. I have been presented with an entirely new setting which has been incredibly overwhelming with complete excite and obstacles being on my own for the first time. That being said, I have recently acquired an entire array of new skills to develop when it comes to packing up everything and setting it back down in a new city.

This is what I have learned from moving:


Minimize The Things You Actually Need and Want

The things that I had in my living space prior to moving was accumulated all the way from childhood. My room was full of little momentos that I thought I couldn’t live without, which I still adore, but are not necessary to take to the grave. Ultimately, I have learned to purge. This means releasing the things that provide mental clutter into my life and starting things on a clean slate. My room is rather cozy.


Devise A Workspace

I think its very important no matter the size of your living space to have a distinct place that you can work. Whether it is school work, freelance work, or even just a place to write in your journal, a place that you can just work. I know for me, as a student that I cannot study while laying in bed, or on a couch. I need an open desk for me to work at.


Its all very exciting to experience your first move. Its overwhelming joy to start decorating things exactly how you want, bringing boxes up stairs to unpack and celebrate that you are starting a life of independence. That being said, once all is unpacked and you’re settled in a completely unfamiliar territory, you realize “well shit, now what?”. I have found that whether it is in your job or social gatherings, it is important to get out there immediately instead of being cacooned in your new home. I was surprised even visiting a public place and watching other people interract made me feel somewhat less of a monk after the first couple days of moving in.

Start Good Habits

Here you are, in a new place with no rules and complete control of a home. That being said, its up to you to make good habits for yourself starting out in a new space. This means doing your dishes regularly, taking out the trash when its full, and doing laundry instead of letting it pile up on the floor. As boring as it sounds, you still have to be this weird thing called an adult or something.


For those out there with severe anxiety, you are going to be thrown an incredible amount of curveballs when it comes to moving. There will be plenty of times where you want to throw your hands up in the air and yell “uncle”, but its going to be okay. Make todo lists and tackle everything you have to do one day at a time. I was a nervous wreck the first couple of days moving in and taking care of logistics, but once I took care of them, I relaxed and felt fine. I recommend doing the same.

With that, I hope you guys found some solace in moving for the first time. As stressful as it is, don’t rob yourself of all the fun and freedom you have being on your own for the first time. For my readers still in school, have a wonderful start to your school year. Lets make it the best one yet!

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Camera Woes

Camera Woes-01

Welp… when it comes to blogging, a blogger’s worst fear is that either A.) their internet goes down, or B.) their camera breaks. I fall victim to option “B” at the moment. I’ve been happily collaborating with my Canon EOS Rebel T3 since 2011, and I have been very pleased. In a turn of recent events it looks like it has to go to Canon’s Repair Services for a light surgery. I will hoping for a quick and safe recovery! With that, posting will be limited on photos until further notice! Please bare until all is resolved and thanks in advance!

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Ten Link Tuesday: 7.14.15


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Photo Credit: MotherDora

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