What’s In My Bag 2017

1_24_2017_Blog_WhatsInMyBag_Header-01Last February, I made a post about the things I regularly have on hand that I use on a daily basis. I thought it would be fun to write an update about what I have in my bag here in 2017! Here is an updated list of what I’m packing daily.

2017 Bag essentials

  • 2017 Passion Planner
  • iPhone 6S
  • Sony Extra Bass Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Original Chapstick
  • Poppin Pen
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra cash for random purchases.
  • iPhone charger
  • Starbucks Gold Membership Card
  • Ankar Powerbank

I’d love to hear what you carry in your bags! Do you like taking still-life photos of your belongings like I do? Share them with me! With that, have a good week readers!


The Power Of Solo Travel

2017_Blog_PostHeaderTemplate2I have found a lot of people in the last couple of months discussing traveling with me and asking multiple questions about travel, specifically traveling by your lonesome in which I am a huge supporter of. I find that there a collection of benefits when it comes to traveling alone that I have experienced first hand. I feel that traveling in a one man wolf-pack creates a lot of internal personal growth. Here are five benefits of solo-travel explained.

comfort to do exactly what you want to do

When you travel in groups, one of the biggest challenges you’ll find is syncing your plans up with everyone else in your group. If you only have 3 days in a city, one friend might not want to split up and has things on their travel-bucket-list that aren’t necessarily on your list. When you’re on your own, you can wake up on your own time, leave the hotel when you want, eat at the places you want, and see all of the places and shops that your heart desires.

You meet awesome people

I’ve noticed that I become much more outgoing when I travel alone. I found myself striking up conversation with complete strangers in my hostel and on the streets when I was in Vietnam and New York City last year. When you visit a new place by yourself, you are more willing to step out of your comfort zone and interact with new people. I mean, one can only take so much social isolation!

Develop a better understanding of yourself

Spending a prolonged period of time with your own company allows you a process your own brain on a deeper level while traveling. Yes, you can do that in the comfort of your own home, but there is something magnificent about the way you perceive things when you spend the time by yourself in a different setting that is less familiar to your neck of the woods.

make use of the inspiration you get traveling

Remember that point I made above about doing exactly what you want to do? If you are a creative like myself, you may love the idea of sitting down at a cafe or local park in the place you’re traveling and work on some writing, sketches, etc. but are caught up with the hustle and bustle of traveling in your group. I find that I pursue those creative projects much more when I am traveling alone.

You will come to enjoy being alone

I admit that I used to hate being alone when going places and I had to go with friends. I used to be incredibly uncomfortable going to a restaurant and ordering for myself let alone dining in alone. After spending time traveling by myself, I take myself out for “me-dates” all the time! This is the biggest one I can say will be worthy of taking back on your flight home. I now am just as social as I used to be but desperately crave my alone time.


In Closing

Traveling alone can be overwhelming at first and sometimes scary. It definitely is something that you have to get used to. I recommend starting your adventure into the world of solo-travel by spending more time doing solo-events like exploring a nearby city or even taking yourself out for dinner near home. I’d love to hear about your experiences with solo-travel or any other travel-related questions you may have! With that, have a good one readers.


7 Productivity Tools For 2017

2017_Blog_PostHeaderTemplate [Recovered]-01Now that the first week of 2017 is over and we have all made our intentions for what we’d like to manifest in 2017, it’s time to hit the ground running and start kicking ass! The hype of a New Year is exciting about all of the possibilities, but now is the time to make your super-stellar ambitions happen. I have accumulated a library of tools that I use on a regular basis to increase my productivity and efficiency. Here are seven productivity tools for 2017!


If you’ve been here for a while, you’d know that I have a thing for paper planners. For the last few years I have been trying out a planner from a different provider. Last year I used a Filofax planner and actually did a live stream with my friend Xandra comparing both of our planners! She uses Passion Planner and I actually fell in love with them while doing the live stream so that is my choice for this year. So far I am incredibly in love with my Passion Planner in which it’s devoted to help you attack your goals with proper planning while leaving room for you to customize it to your liking! You can get your own Passion Planner here!

1_12_2017_Blog_10ToolsToUpYourProductivityIn2017_PowerBank-01I had put off purchasing my own power bank for years! When they first started to become widespread in the consumer world they were not reliable in holding a charge. My friends began to own their own power banks and they seemed to have increased in quality. I am on my phone constantly, and especially when I’m traveling, having a power bank is super-helpful when you are on the go and need something to keep your phone charged. I haven’t gone a day in New York without my phone dying while I’m out and about so this is a big help. Get yours here!

1_12_2017_Blog_10ToolsToUpYourProductivityIn2017_MintApppngThis one is free and my lifesaver when it comes to remaining financially stable. I dedicated late 2016 after returning from a month-long trip to SE Asia to stabilize my finances. Mint is the godsend of budgeting. What makes Mint so lovely is that you can link your cards and accounts so it will track all of your spending and allow you to set your budgets and notify you if you are spending too much within the month. They also perform periodical credit score reports which will make managing your money a lot easier. You can find out more about the Mint App here.

1_12_2017_Blog_10ToolsToUpYourProductivityIn2017_Momentum-01I found Momentum while scrolling through the “Studyblr” community on Tumblr which promotes organization and productivity centered in schooling. Many of the users in this community use the Google Chrome extension, Momentum. Momentum, a free extension is an aesthetically pleasing dashboard that takes place for when you open a new tab on Google Chrome. The free version includes a to-do list, the weather, and a space to proclaim a “main focus” for the day. I find it to be a helpful reminder when I am doing online work and I open up a new tab of what things I have to accomplish on that given day. You can learn more about Momentum here.

1_12_2017_Blog_10ToolsToUpYourProductivityIn2017_StickyNotes-01Another cost-effective tool that I use are sticky notes! The joy about sticky notes is that they are completely multi-purpose. I have sticky notes all over my desk at the multitude of jobs I work. The content of my sticky notes varies from reminders, phone numbers to call, gratitude lists, and even quotes I find inspirational that I tack up next to things I visit often during my workday as a reminder to be a boss at what I do! Get yourself a stack here!

1_12_2017_Blog_10ToolsToUpYourProductivityIn2017_TUT-01-01If you’re looking for some extra motivation to start your day on a tremendous note, I recommend subscribing to Notes From The Universe. TUT is amazing because they are little blips that come straight to your inbox at the early hours of the morning so by the time you sit down at your desk and start working, you are greeted with a sans-cheesy philosophical message that really makes you remember why you are an all star! You can sign up for free at www.tut.com

1_12_2017_Blog_10ToolsToUpYourProductivityIn2017_UnrollMe-01On the subject of email, have you subscribed to newsletters left and right that are completely clogging your inbox. You know the feeling of coming to work with a list of emails with catchy titles that you know you just simply don’t have the time to read no matter how many times you tell yourself that you’re going to go back and read it. I use the lovely tool Unroll.Me which allows you to log into your email and view all of the newsletters you are subscribed to and easily unsubscribe from the ones you don’t care to see anymore. Clear Inbox. Clear mind.

In closing

The new year creates an aura for many that leaves you excited to tackle the goals you have in place for the next 365 ahead. Realistically, many us will fall victim to our old habits if we do not take the time to find new tricks and tools to keep us on top of our A-Game and getting more of what we want to do, done in 2017. I hope you find these tools helpful, and I am always looking for new tools of productivity, so I’d love to hear what you use to maintain that lovely workflow of yours. With that, have a good one readers.


Project Spotlight: Carrie Forde

1_10_2017_Blog_ProjectSpotlight-CarrieForde-01I’ve collaborated with Carrie Forde on a couple of projects in the past, so when she came to me inquiring about a rebranding her personal brand, I was incredibly stoked! Carrie is a Front End Developer operating out of the Bay Area in California. Since her brand is based in web services, the direction I took her brand was in a minimal monogram mark that represented what a line of code being the “F” enclosed by the square-shaped letter “C”. I am pleased with the slick results, and Carrie is as well; score!

Like what you see? Click here to take a look at the services I offer and let’s work together! 


Setting Goals For 2017

Artboard 1Today we’re going to talk about some of the objectives I have assigned for myself this year. In late 2016 I had a moment where my views on goal-setting and personal development changed in a way that my approach is gentler and more about constantly working to grow while feeding my spirit.

In previous years, I knew by the last quarter of the year what I wanted to accomplish in the following year. This year, I let my curiosity for my own desires simmer during the course of my holiday break and feel quite confident about what I have planned for myself in the year of 2017.

Here are my top five goals to accomplish in the year.

1. Relationship with food & Exercise

For me, my relationship with food consumption and personal health has not been the easiest journey. I always hated gym class, had a few curves to my body, and likes to take in a surplus of carbs when I’m feeling stressed. This year, I want to commit to implementing a healthy exercise routine into my week and train my body into the way it once was. I went through a dramatic weight-loss journey in high school and since moving towns and starting at a different institution, I have let go of the healthy habits I was using in time prior. It’s time to kick some booty!

2. FOCUS On fulfilling relationships

The time in which people my age transition out of high school and into their adult lives can leave many of us confused as to what we really want out of our interpersonal relationships. I am making it a priority to surround myself with likeminded people that have an interest in creativity, inspire me, and fill my soul. I have learned from the mistakes of investing way too much time on people who are not rooting for you to grow or reach conversation deeper than the neck of a beer bottle. I am using this year to branch out and explore what else is out there!

3. Collaborate more

Some of my favorite things about last year was the collaborative projects I did with other creatives in 2016! I completely revamped the look of my site with the amazing help of Carrie Forde, Did a half-hour live stream with heroinetraining.com on planners, and did contributing on some other blogs. I always love doing collab-projects with other creatives and bloggers. If you’re interested, you can hit me up on my contact page and let’s make something beautiful!

4. explore multimedia projects

As much as I have developed a close relationship with blogging over the course of the past 5 years, I want to push some multimedia projects for this space. I spent multiple nights over the holiday break mind-mapping some projects for the upcoming year and I’ve got some ideas for what I’d like to do. It’s time to dust off my video camera and audio equipment and start setting some deadlines!

5. Go somewhere new

2016 was an amazing year for me when it came to travel. I got to explore New York City, Chicago, Hong Kong, and Vietnam all in 365 days! While I do want to spend more time in my hometown this year working closely at building up some business goals, I also want to go to at least one place that I have never been to before. Near or far, I want to explore a new place to get some more credit on my travel resume.

In closing

I don’t know what it is about 2017, but there is something different about this year in particular that sits very comfortably in my heart. I cannot pinpoint what this feeling is exactly that has kept me energized, but I feel like some amazing things are bound my way in the new year. I hope you all feel the same. With that, have a illuminated initial weekend to the new year.