The Big One Nine: On Turning 19

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When I began to reflect on turning 19, I thought of it as a pretty insignificant year at first. I already am considered an adult by legality, I still can’t drink, and I already can participate in elections. I then realized how surfaced I was in my logic. A growth in age really is insignificant if you think about it in a lot of ways. It also can be very significant. To me, having a birthday in the midst of a year acts as a checkpoint to see how I am doing with the goals I have set for myself in the year. It is also a day to measure how much we have grown since we have leveled up to the next number in age.

After pondering what aging up is for me, I feel like I have become a lot stronger of a person over the last year… Oh what a cliche. I have taken a lot of steps in my spiritual and emotional journey in life. I have made my focus in the past year my future and have already seen benefits. The harder you work, the more flexibility you have to do what you want, and I will always vouch for that. With that reflection, have a great week readers!

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LookBook: Lone Wolf

LookBook: Lone Wolf Header

This past weekend has been enjoying the sunshine in Southeastern Pennsylvania with my sister as she graduated college on Saturday. Go Annmarie! On Saturday, after all of the graduation festivities had taken place, we drove out to Lititz, a small town known for being America’s coolest small town.


This outfit is pretty simple. I got the hat from Target last fall, the shoes from top shop, and the shirt thrifted. The shirt was a random find and I was completely obsessed with it. I liked how tacky it looked and how baggy it felt. It is nice for wearing a black tee in hot weather because with it being oversized, its much more airy walking around in it.



Shirt: Thrifted

Shoes: TopMan

Hat: Target

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Ten Link Tuesday: 5.12.15

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1. How often should I post? Problogger answers this question.

2. If you are as New York obsessed as I am, you will love the MetropolisNYC photoblog.

3. Are you ready to ditch the car and start biking to work? Tamara has a city guide all about it!

4. Gala completely saved my butt when it came to a last minute trip to the city on Sunday. Here are 5 wonderful experiences to have in NYC!

5. The Costume Institute Library account is a must-follow on Instagram.

6. Here’s a middle finger to things you shouldn’t have to do! Read Gala Darling’s Fuck That! A Manifesto.

7. Xandra lays out how to deal with bad teachers, according to Harry Potter. Potterhead or not, uber helpful!

8. DesignLoveFest’s travel diary to Amsterdam is absolutely stunning!

9. This CreativeMornings lecture teaches you to make a seat at the table for an apprentice.

10. Nicolette Mason is getting married, ahhhhh!

Photo Credit: Kalee Designs

Lot’s more links here!

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Office Tour Spring 2015

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No matter what size, everyone needs to have one place that they can regularly go to in which they can complete there work. I am very grateful to have the space that I currently work with to complete my work. That being said, I have worked in small and large spaces as a regular work space, and after a few months of collecting items and organizing. I have things arranged where I finally have a sense of completion in this room. Of course I would have it all figured out only a few months before moving to new home…

With that, lets start the tour!


When it comes to my the pieces in my wardrobe that I consider the most appealing or interesting to the eye, I don’t want to let them just collect dust in my closet. I want to show them off! I bought this hat last fall because I was obsessed with American Horror Story: Coven at the time and essentially wanted to be Cordelia Foxx. I do wear the hat frequently, but when I’m not, it now hangs with pride on my wall.


Speaking of wall decor, I picked up this 35.4 inch, wall-mounted shelf from Lowes to place momentos that had of some importance to me. (From left to right) The double-decker matchbox bus was from my father. The Empire State Building figurine was thrifted as well as the yellow cup. I got the chrome skull from a post-halloween sale two years ago. The empty bottle of wine was the first legal bottle of wine I purchased in Mont Saint-Michel, France. The eiffel tower figurine was from a small tourist stand in Paris.

I put things on the shelf that either inspire me, or remind me of things that I love or love to do. Four of the six objects on my shelf are travel-related and it makes me want to plan my next big trip!


My desk space is my favorite thing about my office space. I have really learned to purge with things that I have on my desk and it took a long time to train myself to keep as little as possible on my desk. I read online a few years ago that it is more beneficial to have less things to distract you in your work place and that everything should be put away when you’re done. Then when you sit back at your desk to work, you are not overwhelmed with piles of papers, receipts, scattered pens, etc.

If you already cannot tell, I am going with a black, yellow, and grey color scheme. I picked up the letter sorter(left) from Target a few weeks ago and I am absolutely in love. It is the perfect spot to place my notebooks and sketchbooks when I am not using them yet are quick of access when I need to jot something down.


I also got this bookshelf from Lowes. I love its grid-like design so I put decor in every other cube. For the content I have stored, I have a wide range of art books, school books, biographies, and blogging books.


I consider myself an avid magazine hoarder. Instead of letting them pile up at my bedside, I think they look much better proudly on display in my bookcase. I have other uses for my magazines as well. If you notice in the photo above of my desk space, I use a few issues of Vogue as a stand for my iMac. Its stylish, and cheaper than a computer stand!


Across from my desk space and book shelf, I have my Philippe Stark ghost chair which was a total act of luck and fate in one of my spontaneous thrifting sprees. On the end table in the corner of my office, I keep a tray with accessories for outfits as well as my tablet, the book I am currently reading, and my camera essentials.


There was one section of wall in my office that I felt was empty yet needed to be filled. I decided to make my wall a growing inspiration board for an upcoming rebrand for Clayton Gerard!


I have always had an interest in interior design. While most kids were buying clothes and video games as kids with their birthday money, I was saving up for an “L” desk. Overall, I am pleased with my space and having everything put together has only motivated me to do more work, and when you are spending long days and late nights in one space writing and working on an upcoming portfolio, you want your space to sparkle!

If you have any more questions about how I decorate, organize, or where I purchased anything you saw in this post, comment below or hit me up on my social media platforms! Have a good week readers!

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Spring Getaways

Spring Getaway

When most think of Spring, we are returning from the harsh cold that Winter has brought us, thus wanting to refresh everything. Spring cleaning, Spring break, etc. I am actually a firm believer in getting away. I feel that a simple change of scenery can do a lot for the mind to spring it back to action or out of a funk.

I recommend anyone who is feeling uninspired, lackluster, or just completely dull to take a Spring getaway. Plan a getaway whether it is downtown, across town, the next town over, or maybe even another country. Leaving the house and exploring a place you are not native too can spark creative genius just by the point of action. I know that my creative juices flow instantly when I am in a new place, no matter what the setting is. With that, have a wonderful weekend! I will be as I venture out to the East Coast and Canada! Have a good one!

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Blog Bytes: My Blogging Routine

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A blogging routine varies between any blogger that you come across. Some of our practices are parallel while some are polar opposites of each other. When I attended The Blogcademy last May, we had a bit of conversation about our process as to where our ideas go, how we schedule posts, and what is our overall arsenal when it comes to actually punching out the content. I thought I would share the process that I go through when I produce my blog posts.


Step One: The Idea

I have my notebook at ease of access wherever I go so that when I receive an idea for a post, I remember to write it down. I am incredibly forgetful especially when I get ideas for posts in the most random places. Whether it is at my desk reading other online-content or cramming for a test the night before, they just come to mind. It is always good whether it is in your phone or a textile notebook to write down your ideas so you don’t forget them.

For those of you who are techies, I recommend the app Wunderlist. The app is a simple “to do” app which is available for your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone in which you can sync them all up and list your post ideas and then check them off when they’re written! I have used it in the past, and it is a great application to place posts you are meaning to write in the future.

Step Two: Editorial Calendars

I feel that it is good to have your ideas for posts before you start jamming into the real “blogging” process. If you sit in front of your WordPress client, the ideas for posts will not just appear out of thin air, unless you are rather lucky. I have enough ideas for posts to back me up for months, but when it comes to the beginning of a month, I slot each post into a day for the month. When you do this, you can decide if your posts will differ by day, or you select features for each day of the week.

For my features on Clayton Gerard, I only have one that is consistent on the day of the week in which it is posted and that is Ten Link Tuesday for obvious reasons. When writing my monthly editorial calendar, I have my work on Tuesday already cut out for me. I then decide where I am to place my other posts throughout the month.

Editorial calendars can be as simple or as intricate as you want. I have seen people just bullet-point their posts on Google docs or some have a wall calendar where they write out everything. For me, I use my 2015 day planner because it has a month overview page where I can write down my posts for the month and get it down on paper. Once I have my posts decided for the month, I transfer them to my Calendar app on my iMac which syncs between my iPhone and laptop. I like this format because I have my day planner which I check every day then I have reminders to let me know what post I have due the following day.


Step Three: Content

I usually write out my content in the WordPress client then transfer it over to my hard drive after it is complete. After I have written my post, I then prepare the photos for the said post. I have the Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite which I have nothing but great things to say about. For the price, I have gotten great use out of it and students get a discount. If you are on a budget, there are plenty of free photo-manipulation and vector design apps to make your photos pop in your posts.

Make sure when your posts are completed, you back up your files in the case that catastrophe strikes. I am fortunate enough not to have dealt with this, but consciousness and caution can’t do really much harm in the long run.

Step Four: Post

Before I post, I read through a couple of times to make sure I like how it sounds and I am sure about everything I have written, then I select the categories I want the post to fall under, write some tags to make it easier to find on my blog, and the post! Once the post has gone live on my blog, I then head over to my social media platforms and link them up to my blog. The culture of the internet has changed much in the last ten years where many of its users are consuming content through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. This is why you see names like BuzzFeed,with over four-million likes because of the quick and easy access content to users across Facebook with the use of the “share” function.

Don’t forget to interact with those who are interacting with your content. If someone comments on your post, that is someone who has taken the time out of their day to acknowledge your hard work, so interaction with your audience should be a given.


External Resources

1. I purchased The Rough Guide to Blogging in 2007 and while it may be somewhat outdated it has some great fundamentals to blogging which I still refer to all the way into 2015.

2. Interested in starting on WordPress? I recommend reading WordPress for Beginners by Reeta Krishna which shows you step-by-step how to set up your own WordPress blog.

3. Are you an aspiring master of Pinterest? This is the ultimate guide to doing so.

4. Kat from RockNRollBride and a headmistress at The Blogcademy has a column titled The Green Room covering blogging and business on the internet!

5. Ready to take blogging seriously? Take a peak to see if The Blogcademy is coming to town near you! If not, its time to sign up for their online class!

In Closing

That is pretty much the surface level I go about when creating content on this blog. Like I wrote previously, there is no absolute way about your process when it comes to creating content. You have to find a format that works for you. That might be just opening up a document and free-writing, and to others might take much more time and setup when writing. I like to think of my blog as a mini magazine where I plan out everything ahead of time and write with the due dates in mind. The best part is, you feel like your own boss. I hope I encouraged people who are interestedin blogging to take the nosedive and start which leaves me with a question. For those reading, would you like Blog Bytes to be a regular series, where I write about these topics in depth? Let me know in the comments below or on my social media pages! With that, have a great weekend readers!

Photos featured by Sarah Williams

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