Rock Your Body: Screw Body Image!

Body image is something that influences a lot of our daily decisions. No one could argue that. Beauty has turned into a system of how many likes you receive on your Instagram selfies or your score on the Hot Or Not app. This is insane and is something that has affected me firsthand.

For me, body consciousness has always been a pivotal force in my life. Throughout high school I went through a dramatic weight loss experience which was empowering but also just as dangerous itself. Once I  was conscious of how clothing looks on myself, or what my body says about I am, I became obsessive with it. Weighing myself on the scale multiple times a day, and countless hours of loathing after eating something that wasn’t a vegetable. It controlled my existence.

As I mature in age, I work to step back from the ideal body image that society has crafted from stereotypes and standards to be an accepted human. Your body should be your own canvas in which you can express in any way you want without having to feel ashamed of it’s form. I recently came across a video from StyleLikeU that was a roundtable discussion on body image, which I found to be immensely powerful.

One thing that I really took from the talk, is that women and men alike should not glorify any sort of body type. If you glorify one body type, it ropes off anyone else from thinking that it is acceptable to express themselves in any light that they please. You should not let your body navigate the clothes that you put on your body. Plain and simple.

We all will slip up every now and then, but the matter of the fact is that we are all better off growing away from the claustrophobia effusing walls of body image and focus on self expression. Self expression is endless and keeping it confined behind some sort of principle is just silly. Throw out the stereotypes, live healthy, and live happy!

Photo Credit: Betty Autier

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Euro Diaries: Canterbury


When it came to my European Adventure, by the time I was crossing the Atlantic I had walked the grounds of a number of cathedrals. You would think that it would get boring as to the fact that most churches look the same, but the architecture floored me every time!


Upon walking the grounds of the cathedral, my breath was taken away due to the grand scale of the worship space. This cathedral was built in 1070! I am quite fascinated by history and being in a place that has been around for so long.


The gardens thrived throughout the ruins of building’s past.


After experiencing the fast pace of London, it was nice to spend some time in a smaller town before making our way to France. With that, have a wonderful weekend!

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Quote Cure: 7.17.14

QC 7.17.14

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” -Eleanor Roosevelt 


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LookBook: GR Hybrid


Sometimes I like think of myself as a hybrid. Some sort of alien, unlike humans. When it comes to my own personal aesthetic, I like to take on a different persona or character when styling myself. Channeling different personas is what is so much fun about personal style and self expression, the opportunity to take on different roles to express our being.


One of the best things about living in Michigan, Grand Rapids specifically is that every season is pretty polar. We have cold Winters and hot Summers. While this plays with our minds, we also have the opportunity to sport our favorites from every season!

Numbers 2-01


1. Beanie – H&M
2. Ring – Top Shop
3. Vest – H&M
4. Tank – Rue 21
5. Jeans – Hot Topic
6. Boots – Payless

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Euro Diaries: London!

London Cover

Hello all! I am back from Europe, after a mess of delayed flights and an extra night in Minneapolis, I am finally adjusting back to the Eastern Time Zone. It seems almost impossible even to begin assessing the memories I made thousands of miles away from home. I decided to start a mini-series called Euro Diaries to categorize my posts from the trip of a lifetime. Here we begin with London.


Upon landing at Heathrow after an overnight flight, we were off for a packed day of adventure throughout the town.  With only an hour of sleep I was running on pure adrenaline. The ride from the airport to my hotel brought excitement from the skyline of London to the simplicity of left-hand traffic! I mean, look at the redesigned double-decker buses and London taxi-cabs!

IMG_4900A trip to London wouldn’t have been complete without a photo in a red telephone booth!

IMG_5115We’re in Westminster!


Westminster made for many great photographs. Taking the time to sit and observe the architecture and for how long these buildings have been standing had left me in utter awe.

"IMG_4968<br IMG_5217

London brought so many exciting and beautiful sights around every street corner! I find London to be very luring because it’s history and culture is emulated throughout it’s streets where it provides a transparent view of England itself.


As for my outfit, I sported my jacket from H&M as well as my tshirt I found for a very reasonable price at Top Shop. I’ve had people quite surprised as to how light my jacket is. It appears puffy on the outside but it’s quite light, perfect for London’s unpredictable weather. It also fit in my bag very nicely!


After a long day of walking throughout town, and many beautiful sights from the ground, it was time to ride The London Eye, London’s EYEconic ferris wheel. Do you see what I did there?


London was an incredible start to my adventures through Europe. As fast paced that the trip was, I felt as if I got to taste so many different cultures over the course of my stay. I can’t wait to return one day. If you are considering intercontinental travel, I say do it.




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Bonjour, I’m Going To Europe!

Hello friends! I cannot believe that in less than 48 hours I will be on board for my first trip over seas. I consider myself well traveled but I am definitely no gypsy! I will be heading to England in France on a week’s excursion with plenty in between. Big Ben, Arc De Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, and Pointe Du Hoc all have been on my mind for the past year leading up to this trip. This will be the farthest I have ever travelled and I am hoping to feel much more ambitious to travel once I get my feet a little more in the sand. With this cocktail of emotions, this means I will be MIA for the next week. Until then, I bid you goodbye and I hope you all have a fabulous week while I’m away. Have a good one! xo

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