Ten Link Tuesday 2.17.15

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1. Mama Miss has presented five beautiful background hacks for your still life photography!

2. This interview by Tavi Gevinson is beyond inspiring.

3. Xandra Burns lays out her morning routine and why it works for her.

4. Looking for contributors to your blog? Here is a strategy to get you started.

5. This is the best business advice that Gabrielle Bernstein has ever gotten.

6. I have been completely raving over Erica Hart’s blog full of art and pretty things.

7. Talk about dedication? This photographer hides in strange places to catch the best moments!

8. A great piece on life writing on a regular basis.

9. Graphic designer, Shauna Haider answers a load of questions from design to blogging!

10. Feck Perfuction! This video explains it all here.

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