Ten Link Tuesday: 1.5.16

1. This guy tricked a bunch of people into sharing a photo of a dog with ham on his face.

2. 50 reasons not to date a graphic designer. Some of these are hilariously accurate.

3. This New York Times video asks multiple NY seniors what the secret to a long life is.

4. Rock N’ Roll Bride Issue 6 looks absolutely stunning! Once again, brilliant design by Shauna.

5. Here is an illustrated list of 50 things to do in 2016. Get started now!

6. Bloglovin shares why you need a positive morning ritual to keep your days fabulous.

7. Jocelyn K. Glei shares what separates the Peter Pans from the Pros; on growing up.

8. Check out Tamara’s New Years resolutions when traveling is in your future.

9. Please please PLEASE listen to this cover of “True Colors” by Marina & The Diamonds.

10. Huacachina, Peru is simply beautiful! I must make a stop to this gem once.

Photo Credit: MXDVS

Lot’s more links here!

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