On Being Bold.

I am where bold meets light. I want to explore personal identity systems and how we can lead a fulfilling life through design, on your terms.

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How do you want to feel? What do you want life to show you in return for existing? Do you feel like you are on the edge of having it all figured out? I am all about finding solace during times of instability and understanding that experiences harvest the discovery in which we can develop our true self.

So, How Do You Want To Feel?

Are You Doing Enough of What You Want To Be Doing?

Mindless consumption. Mindless consumption has lead us to the point of spending nights indifferently scrolling through our social-media feeds, reading the inspirational quotes, travel imagery, and cool things we could be doing with our lives… but why aren’t we doing it? It’s a pattern I notice in many of the people around me including my…