Are You Doing Enough of What You Want To Be Doing?

PostTemplate_CG2Mindless consumption.

Mindless consumption has lead us to the point of spending nights indifferently scrolling through our social-media feeds, reading the inspirational quotes, travel imagery, and cool things we could be doing with our lives… but why aren’t we doing it?

It’s a pattern I notice in many of the people around me including my own habitual behavior. I get caught in the trap of consuming a profusion of content that I subconsciously hope will give me “the answer” to propel me into creating the life I love. It’s easy to let the swing of your surroundings numb you. This prohibits the true ability to understand what we want. This is about consciousness.

Questions to ask yourself in light of this mess is what kind of profiles are you following? Do you want to be body-positive but are following personalities that are visibly starving themselves for a good Instagram photo? Are you looking for enlightenment but the majority of your feed consists of negativity and cynicism?(Because that gets you nowhere, trust me.)

Another thing you need to ask yourself is are you trying to create the life that YOU want or are you trying to replicate an “Instagram-Worthy” existence? There is nothing wrong with using the powerful tool that is the web to find like-minded people and souls who are crafting their lives in the way you’d like, but for what reasons are you doing it? A vision-board on Pinterest is just a collection of images until you have your own memories to share.

It is important to disconnect every once in awhile. It is necessary because your mind will begin to expand into neighborhoods of possibility that you never thought were achievable. Falling into the trap of social media addiction can limit what we really want to achieve. Start becoming more conscious of the content you consume and think about how this content is affecting your perspective on goal setting.

*queue shutdown music*


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