Let’s Do This.

I am a designer, soul-seeker, and frequently referred to as a smart ass – which is a super relative term that I have done nothing but embraced.

By trade, I am a designer. I am fascinated by identity systems and how a brand makes the consumer “clique”. I have been obsessed with visual engagement since I created a ten page business proposal at the age of seven requesting that my parents give me a raise on my allowance.

Now, I am even more pressed at how individuals use identity systems on a person by person basis. In the digital age, we all have experience in branding ourselves. The profile pictures, what we choose to Tweet, and share with the world are all carefully curated by each and every one of us to send a message to people about who we are.

I don’t do status-quo and this is a space for new-age self development that doesn’t require daily mediation, heaping amounts of green juice, or even daily journaling(although all are great.) This space is for designing a life that you want, on your terms.

I’m ready when you are.

What We Do Here

Here at claytongerard.com we focus on self discovery, finding your edge, and making your mark. You can start by accessing The Library which is full of my original essays archived as far as this website has been running. Next, take a look at the Audio page (COMING SOON), which is where you can find podcasts, interviews, and so-forth. Finally, take a trip over to my Facebook page where can join the discussion and follow along for some extra treats.

Please contact me at hello@claytongerard.com If you are ever interested in collaborating with me on a guest post or any special project you may have in mind!

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